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Meltin' Pop - Extraits Live

The Great Rehearsal - Clip de Marianic

Fucking Crook - Clip de Marianic

Live Mix Meltin' Pop Trio

NATURTRÄNE (Nina Hagen) by MMM

Marianic 'Alice's Room' CLIP

CHAIN (Aretha Franklin) by MMM

I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU (Otis Redding) By JC Band

LOST ON YOU (LP) covered by MMM

MAYBE TOMORROW (Stereophonics) by MMM

CREEP covered by MMM

Aglagla et le Lutin Pouët

'The High road' by Melting Pop (Joss Stone)

Meltin' PoP Teaser

Summertime par Lady Luck (Janis Joplin Cover)

'This is the life' by Black Velvet (Amy Mac Donald's Cover)

'Lady Luck' by lady Luck (Deep Purple)

Teaser Promotionnel

Mary Music Machines


'The High road' by Melting Pop (Joss Stone)

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